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Blossoming Advice

So you’ve got a theme, a budget, a date, a groom and an overflowing Pinterest board (Obviously!), so how does one get to realising all those pretty pictures?! Decor is an extension of your self-expression on your big day, flowers usually adding the feel and the ambiance! So here we have focused on the blooms, as it is in the flowers, that the romance, beauty, colour and impact lies. We hope to provide some solid advice and guidance on choosing your flowers.

Disclaimer - obviously not all brides’ main focus is the floral, but it should be, as they set the tone in a venue space.

It is so easy to run over budget when trying to recreate your pinteresty dreams, so where do you start when choosing flowers that fit within your budget, yet compliment your vision?

General Guidelines:

First and foremost it is very important to also not see something on Pinterest and think it will happen that way as most of the content is from overseas where there flower markets are way more advanced than ours .

It is very important to stay current but be unique in your approach from big arches to the small details placed on the grooms jacket.

It’s important to know the colours you want to see, your style and your likes and dislikes in flowers. The easiest way to go about that is to make a list.

The more eco-friendly and budget friendly way to go about your florals is to source everything locally. We are all trying to do our bit for the planet!

Foraged goods are great but they need to be paired with softer or more architectural “bought” flowers to create a good impact.

Decor in our opinion is more of an added extra but it can be also be a centre piece if much effort and budget goes into that element of the wedding. 

Looking at your season:

Summer and Autumn

These are the best wedding months are as there are a wider variety of flowers available.

*Dahlias are amazing in Mid to late summer .


Great later in the month when more of the flowers have opened due to the warmer temperature.

*A good and very beautiful spring flower is an Anemone and a Ranuculous.


Obviously late winter there is very little choice available on the market and you may have to opt for different colours or flower styles to suit ones budget.

*Good for local produce such as proteas / blushing bride and tulips.

Year Round

Greenery is practically available all year, except we find that penny gum is rather weathered over mid-summer months from the heat . 

*Flowers vary continuously and change according to weather patterns and market fluctuations in price. 

Where can I cut costs further?

Rope in your friends, family or colleagues to help, especially if they have knowledge of floral arrangements and are creative!

Grow your own succulents or greenery leading up to the wedding.

Choose a venue that does not need many flowers to set your tone.

Choose a venue in a forest that will do the greenery foraging for you at minimal cost

Don’t knock the carnation! They are cost effective and come in a variety of colours. Paired with other flowers they can look stunning!

Use less flowers and more vases. Rather than a flower dense arrangement, using strategically placed stems can add a beautiful floral look and splashes of colour, well within your budget



Speak to your local florist for more advice and ideas about how to cut costs for the blooms.