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Choose your wedding party

Every girl dreams of her perfect fairytale day. A day filled with roses and gorgeous floral scents, delicate trinkets, crystal glasses with the most delicate of stems, family and friends that gasp at their first sight of the bride in her dream white wedding dress as she walks down the aisle, about to embark on a new adventure with the love of her life.

However, anyone that has already walked this path will tell you that the planning that leads up to the “Big Day”, (this day that passes by within the blink of an eye), has its fair share of stress and sleepless nights!

It is for this reason that is so important to embark on the journey to the “Big Day” with the right people in your bridal party. Friends that understand you, that will support you, that will make you feel special on your memorable day. Someone that will  absorb and enjoy every step, someone that has an eye for detail, that will make sure that no flower is left out, no ring left unpolished, someone that will make sure that you enjoy every moment of your day…

A bit overwhelming, isn’t it?!  Where does one begin to tackle this? Must there even BE a bridal party? If there are to b bridesmaids, how many women should there be?

There are so many things to remember that it can become a fear inducing experience on its own, never mind the rest of the list! And, not only is it necessary to sort out your bridal party, but naturally, you need to keep in mind your groom and his “partners in crime”.  And yes, it is also perfectly natural (and in some cases acceptable!) to daydream that Jonah’s Whale swallows some of them whole and spits then out on a deserted island, preferable somewhere with no cell phone signal!

First Things First…

 How big is your wedding?

How many guests are you planning to invite? Is it intimate affair surrounded by your nearest and dearest, or are you (or your parents!) planning on inviting the entire church congregation, as well as that cousin of your grans aunts’ daughters’ that you heard about that one time, as well as the Mayor? And then, how formal is the wedding day, to be?

Naturally, the budget (in some of our cases, the target!), dictates the size and opulence of the day. It will also dictate the number of bridesmaids. Keep in mind, the more bridesmaids, the more make-up, dresses, hair, shoes etc. will need to be added to the account. Let’s not even begin to talk about the number of opinions and personalities, schedules and potential chaos you will be inviting into the planning of your day.

You could always fall back on the “rule” that 1 bridesmaid and 1 groomsman for 50 guests is a good balance.

 Take a Moment…

 Even though it is very possible to rattle off a whole handful of friends that you may want to celebrate your day with, it is not necessarily wise to immediately ask everyone to stand alongside you!

Give yourself a moment and first let your engagement sink in, and then make a list of all the potential “candidates”. It’s easier to erase or add a name on a piece of paper, than to take back your bridesmaid proposal! 

You Want Me To DO What!?!?!

 Bridesmaids have a big responsibility toward the planning of your special day. They will need to be responsible for various arrangements and tasks before, as well as on, the day of your wedding.

The ladies in your bridal party will need to get along well within the group, and they must be prepared to provide an extra pair hands during the planning. Sometime there will be a task that will take time and energy, and potentially involve costs. You need to be comfortable enough with your ladies to ask such things of them.

What about Etiquette?

There is loads of advice out there in the wild blue yonder, and everything can be taken with just a pinch of salt. No one knows you and your groom, like you do, and it is important to stay true to yourselves.

Siblings are special and they share a large part of your lives. Even though this may be the case, it makes no sense to have someone standing next to you, with whom you don’t have a good relationship.

When you look at friends, think carefully about how well you know each other, through what it is that you and your friendship has been, and if the friendship will last another 5 years. You really don’t want to be sitting looking at your album, in 30 years, wondering who that was standing there with you…

Who and Where...

It is important to keep in mind where everyone lives. It is of very little help if your best friend lives in Australia, and she is not able to help you with the planning phase of our big day, never mind that she may not even be able to join you on the day.

Consider everyone’s current situation too. That amazing hands-on friend with her triplets and two toddlers likely won’t be able to join you as your bridesmaid, and the one that is busy planning her own wedding, may not have any space in her head and diary as she is very busy with her own plans.

I Don’t Really Want to, But She Did Ask Me….

You really don’t need to feel obligated to ask anyone to be a part of your entourage, just because they asked you if you could be a part of their party. It is important that those around you at that moment that play a huge role in your life, stand there next to you and share in your stage.

Ladies and/or Gentlemen...

Our circles of friends are, today, very different from those that our parents had in the “good ol’ days”, and your best friend may be a guy, or your grooms’ bestie may be a lady. There are no hard and fast rules here, folks. Men and women can stand either side of the altar!

It is your special day, and the most important thing is that your guests and the bridal party are made up of all the people that really care for, love and support you. The people that you surround yourself with should be those that will travel your journey with you...

Remember that this is your outcome, and not you as a result of the outcome…..