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Liezel & Micheal Hewitt

Micheal and liezel Hewitt had a small garden seremony with friends and family in Broadlands Estate in Polokwane. Liezel very fondly tells us what a big help her mother and sisters in law were in planning the wedding since she had allready moved to Pretoria. By looking at the photos, we can tell that they hace experience!! Thank you to Marika O'Reilly and Riette de Wet for the beautiful photos.

How did you meet?

She says: He was my boss – not directly though, he worked in Pretoria and I worked at the Polokwane branch so we knew about each other, but didn't “know” each other. He visited our branch every 3 to 6 months.

He says: We met at the end of 2013. She worked at one of the branches that fell under my supervision when I use to work for ABSA.

When and how did you first fall in love?

She says: We started talking when we were both going through difficult times. I can’t really remember the exact moment, but always felt like I could talk to him, really talk.

He says: Liezel was thinking about leaving the bank, that's how we started talking, but I never thought she would be interested otherwise.


When and how did you get engaged?

She says: We got engaged at the Palazza Hotel at Monte Casino – I did not expect a thing because we were only together for 6 months at that time, so it was a huge surpise!

He says: We enjoyed a romantic weekend at the Palazzo Hotel in Monte Casino. I popped the question after dinner back at the room when it was just us, she did not expect it at all and was very surprised!

How would you describe the style of your wedding?

She says: Informal, but stylish.

He says: It was a informal garden wedding, but very stylish.

What did you enjoy most about planning the wedding?

She says: I did not do much planning since I had already moved to Pretoria and the wedding was in Polokwane, but luckily my mom and sisters in law was up to the task and did an amzing job! Mt own personal wedding planners J

He says: I did not enjoy it at all!! It was way too stressfull. 

If you think back to your wedding day, what do you remember first?

She says: For me there wasn't just one thing, the whole day was very memorable!

He says: The moment she walked in with her father and Dewald Wasserval started playing in the background.

would you change anything and why?

She says: Nothing, it was perfect!

He says: Not a thing, it was the best day of my life!