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A Special gift for your bridesmaid!

Now that you have decided on your bridesmaids, your task force in preparation for your special day, it's your turn to ask the big question! Surprise them with a personal gift to celebrate the occasion...

You will need:

1 – A Box

2 – A Small bottle of champagne

3 – 2 to 3 bottles of glitter in colours of your choice

4 – Straws

5 – Ribbon

6 - Raffia

7 – Your “Amper Mevrou” downloadable message download here

8 – A Tin of spray glue

9 – A Punch

10 – A roll of cellotape

Start by choosing an area to work in where you are happy to make a mess.

 Wind cellotape around the bottle neck up to the point that you will want to use glitter. Spray your spray glue right around the bottle and roll the sticky area, evenly in your glitter until the entire area is covered. Leave to one side until dry. Repeat the process with another layer of glitter.

Print and cut out the messages as indicated on the page.

The first message “I can’t say yes without you”, is stuck on the lid of the box. Make sure to cut slits in the top and bottom where you will thread your ribbon through.

Place the message in the middle of the lid and cut the ribbon so that both sides are a bit longer than the lid of the box. The ends of the ribbon will later be folded in under the lid.

Thread the ribbon through the hole in the second message “Will you be my bridesmaid?” Tie this around the neck of the bottle (remove your cellotape first of course!) Make sure to leave enough space when tying the ribbon, so that it will hold the straw tightly.

Fill your box with the raffia before you place the bottle inside. This will prevent the bottle from rolling around as well as provide beautiful presentation. Take your box lid, make sure that your message is placed nicely in the middle and fold the ends of the ribbons in under the lid and place the lid onto the box.

Stand back and admire your gorgeous handiwork!! Now you and your bridesmaids can cheers to a wonderful occasion!